On-Site Name Badge Printer

with Attendance Reporting

Simple as 1 – 2 – 3

Supports having a greeter enter the information

Supports self-serve name badge printing

Use EZBadge – the Name Tag Printer

  • No more “Hello” badges and messy markers
  • No more un-readable clip-board sign-in sheets
  • No more congestion at the registration table
  • Low cost
  • Buy it once, use it forever. No licenses, no fees
  • Professional name badges with customizable logo
  • Track attendance and collect demographics
  • Sign-in with multiple laptops, tablets or smart phones to ease congestion
  • Pre-print badges for pre-registered guests

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Customize the registration forms and name badges with your organization’s logo.  Save the registration information to a spreadsheet.

Very easy to use. I use it for multiple clients – everything from small event to large meetups. I can give my clients’ a spreadsheet of who attended.
Theresa, Event planner
As an Executive Assistant, EZBadge is a “must have” if you want a badging system that works for you to eliminate crowds and confusion prior to any event. It also provided me with a valuable report of attendance. Using EZBadge is efficient and makes my job less stressful.
Candis Lipe, Executive Assistant
We use EZBadge to register 40-80 people at each meeting. Some use our laptops and tablets, others love to use their own iPhones to register. Handling the rush at the beginning of meetings is much easier than using sign-in sheets and “Hello” badges.
Jack Morris, Consultants' Network of Silicon Valley