Name badges help you create a successful event.
Name badges, sometimes called name tags, help to get people at an event talking to each other. In addition to seeing names, you can also print other info on the badge that helps to break the ice. For example, you might include a guests favorite hobby, or what company/department they represent. You can also collect info about the guests, such as email address, phone numbers, and demographics. This gives you a clear, readable record of who attended, much better than signing in on a clip-board.

Streamlining Event Management with EZBadge: Revolutionizing On-Site Badge Printing

In the realm of event management, the process of registration and badge printing at events has often been a cumbersome endeavor, particularly for smaller events hosted by non-profits, churches, schools, and companies with conventions. Until now, the options were limited: either resort to clunky, makeshift software solutions or invest in complex, costly systems designed for large-scale conferences. However, with the emergence of EZBadge, a new frontier in badge printing has been unveiled, offering a seamless, cost-effective solution tailored to the needs of smaller-scale events.

Solving the Registration Conundrum

EZBadge presents a simple yet powerful registration system that redefines the on-site check-in experience. The patented technology behind EZBadge streamlines the registration process, making it accessible via any laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a Wi-FI connection. Gone are the days of grappling with convoluted software or relying on IT experts to navigate the registration maze. With our printing badge system, event organizers can effortlessly capture attendee information and generate custom-branded badges on-site in a matter of seconds.  Use EZBadge right out of the box, or customize it as you wish.  Solve the registratin table bottleneck, by having several registration devices so many attendees can register at the same time.

Lowest Cost Solution
EZBadge system is cheaper than the competition. Buy it once, use it forever. No licenses, no accounts, no renewals, no extra costs. Just buy the badges, available from many suppliers.
Does NOT connect to a server in the cloud, no public Internet connection. Works anywhere with simple built-in Wi-Fi or local Ethernet.
Repurpose your own laptops or tablets as registration devices, no special software is needed.

The Technological Backbone

At the heart of the EZBadge system lies a robust infrastructure designed for efficiency and reliability. The “server” is powered by a Raspberry Pi computer, equipped with industrial-grade flash memory for enhanced longevity. Operating on the Linux platform, the software orchestrates a symphony of tasks, from resizing logos to processing registrations with lightning speed. Coupled with a standard Brother QL 600 printer, the badge printing system seamlessly integrates hardware and software components to deliver unparalleled performance.

Unleashing the Potential

The versatility of our state of the art name tag printer extends far beyond its technological prowess. With support for up to 200 Wi-Fi devices and 200 wired devices simultaneously, EZBadge offers scalability without sacrificing connectivity. The printer delivers crisp, professional results at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, EZBadge on site name printing system, operates autonomously, creating its own local networks devoid of external dependencies. This self-contained ecosystem ensures a secure environment for event registration without compromising on accessibility.

Empowering Event Organizers

From community gatherings to corporate functions, EZBadge caters to a diverse array of events with unparalleled ease. Its intuitive interface allows guests to register effortlessly, while event hosts benefit from comprehensive data collection and streamlined badge printing. Whether preloading guest lists or personalizing registration pages, we promise that our event printer page machine puts the power of customization in the hands of organizers.

Embracing Innovation, Embracing EZBadge

In a landscape marked by complexity and cost, EZBadge stands as a beacon of simplicity and affordability. Its patented design and user-friendly interface redefine the paradigm of on-site badge printing, empowering event organizers to elevate their guest experience without breaking the bank. From faith groups to volunteer organizations, associations to government entities, EZBadge transcends industry boundaries, offering a universal solution for streamlined event management.


In the ever-evolving landscape of event management, EZBadge  is a catalyst for change, reshaping the way we approach on-site registration and badge printing. With its innovative technology and unwavering commitment to simplicity, EZBadge sets a new standard for efficiency and convenience in the realm of event planning. As the industry continues to evolve, EZBadge remains at the forefront, driving innovation and empowering organizers to create unforgettable experiences, one badge at a time.