What comes in the box?

EZBadge full system includes a small, powerful “server” computer box, Brother QL-600 printer, and your first roll of self-stick badges. It also includes the cables and power supplies. The server has 802.11n Wi-Fi and connects to the printer using a USB cable (supplied). The server also has Ethernet that you can use to create your own wired LAN.

What else do I need?

You provide laptops, iPads, tablet computers, or most anything that can connect to a Wi-Fi network and browse the Internet. Attendees can even use their own devices, including smartphones (if you allow them.). There is no special software to load and no complicated configuration, just connect to the EZBadge Wi-Fi network and open your browser and these devices become registration terminals. Everything is automatic. Your office or home devices can be re-purposed for registering attendees during the event, and then used normally afterward.

Using the wired Ethernet is an ideal way to reuse an old laptop or desktop computer that does not have Wi-Fi. If you want to use a wired Ethernet network in addition to or in place of Wi-Fi, you need to provide an Ethernet switch and cables.

Does it need ink?

This type of printer requires no ink, toner, or ribbon to apply print to the label surface. It uses a direct thermal process as a result it can not print in color.

Where can I use EZBadge?

Use EZBadge anywhere. All you need is standard power outlets (120v). (Many users bring a power strip to power the server, printer, and laptops.) You can even run EZBadge from a car battery using a suitable inverter. No Internet connection, no special computers. Like all electronic equipment, this EZBadge must be kept dry and avoid extreme temperatures.

How do attendees register and get a badge?

Attendees use your device or their own to register. When they connect to Wi-Fi, open a browser and go to ez.com . They simply fill in the registration form and a badge is printed. The registration information is saved in a spreadsheet database for you to use later. Many attendees can be registering at the same time.

What about pre-registered guests?

Use the Check-in feature to quickly check in guests on your guest list or use the Pre-Print feature to pre-print badges. Use your computer to download the attendance list spreadsheet from your on-line registration system, such as Eventbrite or Meetup, or use your own spreadsheet. Upload the spreadsheet to the EZBadge server to check in or pre-print badges.

What is the registration page?

This is the web page that automatically appears in the web browser of the desktop, laptop, tablet, or other device. It is a typical form for the attendees to fill in. The information collected can be configured. EZBadge comes pre-configured for a very simple registration that just asks for first and last name. You can configure EZBadge to ask for other information you choose. This may include street address, e-mail address, or questions and checkboxes that you define. You also select what information is printed on the badge, all information collected is saved in the spreadsheet database.

You can also add your organization’s logo and a text “banner” that announces the event.

For example: “Welcome to the XYZ December Meeting. Please register here.”

How do I customize EZBadge?

The EZBadge web server has a special “admin” web address you can go to with your browser that lets you configure EZBadge as you want. In addition to defining the registration page, you can also change things such as the Wi-Fi network name. Using this you can also load the logos and retrieve the spreadsheet files. Of course, this is password protected. See the Users Guide for details.

Can I use my own printer?

EZBadge is optimized to use only the Brother QL-600.

What about the blank badges?

EZBadge works with either self-stick or non-stick badges. Use only these Brother branded or compatible badges:

  • Brother QL-600 Shipping Labels
  • DK-1202 Roll Adhesive Name Badge Labels
  • Brother QL-600 Time Expiring Adhesive Name Badge Labels
  • Brother QL-600 Non-Adhesive Labels (use with badge holders or clips)

Can I print my organization’s logo on the badge?

Yes, you can copy a logo file to the EZBadge server from your laptop. Files can be in formats: .png .jpg .gif or .pdf. You can have one logo for the badge and another one for the registration page. The logo for the badge will be automatically scaled to a pleasing size. You can also specify which corner of the badge the logo should appear.

Can I ask additional questions on the registration page?

Yes, you may customize the registration page with additional questions and select which will show up on the name badge. Type of questions supported are text box, radio buttons or check list. Print up to 4 lines of text on the name badge.

EZBadge includes:

  • Raspberry Pi Computer
  • Brother QL-600 LabelMaker
  • Roll of badges