and Name Badge Printing System

church name tags

Affordable system to print readable name badges

  • Simple setup, only requires electrical power
  • Capture visitor information
  • Self-service or greeter input
  • On-site registration, guest list check-in or pre-print badges
  • Gather attendance records
  • Save information to a spreadsheet

Easy to use. Great ice breaker for events. People say it makes them feel welcome. We have greeters walking around with iPads to enter the names and info. We get a spreadsheet with everyone’s email address that we can actually read. Much better than the clip board. Badges have our logo on them and they look much better than the old “Hello” badges.


I use it for all my events. Great for all ages. Kids really enjoy printing their own badges!

Sarah, Children and Family Ministry Director

Just wanted to let you know that we used EZ Badge for the first time at Sunday’s event, and we were thrilled. We had 190 non-members sign in using the system and now we have a legible spreadsheet to follow up on – not the normal situation. Thank you again for this system.

Donna, Office Manager at a Church