Great for:

This is really amazing – – after arriving at the event, I used my cell phone to log-in and 10 seconds later at the Guest Desk I had my badge waiting for me!

CJ, Attendee

Received the kit this morning, read the instructions to hook it up and worked like a charm! Thank you so much for shipping it so quickly! I really think it’s going to add that touch of class to our event on Wednesday!

Shelly , Executive Assistant

I bought an ezBadge a few months ago. Its worked great so far, really happy. Every time we use it at our events people ask me where we got it and take pictures of it, it really enhances the experience!!

Priscila, International Trade Development

Your EZ-Badge system worked flawlessly and significantly reduced our guests’ wait time at the registration table.

Steve, Machinery Manufacturer

Our nonprofit organization purchased the EZBadge nametag printer a few months back and have really loved what it’s been able to do for us! We’ve had events with close to 800 attendees, and the printer has offered a fast way to print off professional nametags in advance of and during the event.

Kristen, Non-profit Organization

Once you play around with it and get familiar it is pretty simple and cool!

Brodie, Government agency

Just wanted to let you know that we used EZ Badge for the first time at Sunday’s event, and we were thrilled. We had 190 non-members sign in using the system and now we have a legible spreadsheet to follow up on – not the normal situation. Thank you again for this system.

Donna, Church Office Manager

The EZ Badge is extremely easy to use and works great when I have a small or large conference.

I use it for large meetings for registration, its super-fast and easy to use. People are amazed how fast I print out the name badges

David, California Community College


We pre printed 275 badges for our cocktail party for simple check in and those who RSVP’d in advance loved it.

Drew, Equipment Supplier

Your system works great. I love that we can easily track whoever came to our event and that our attendees felt engaged and had fun with getting their name tags.

Melanee, Marketing Company

We use EZBadge to register 40-80 people at each meeting. Some use our laptops and tablets, others love to use their own iPhones to register. Handling the rush at the beginning of meetings is much easier than using sign-in sheets and “Hello” badges.

It is simple and quick to set up and operate.

The spread sheet we get at the end of the meeting is great.

Jack, Consultants Network of Silicon Valley

Registering a large crowd is quicker, more efficient, and the name badges are so professional-looking.

The EZBadge system captures all the pertinent information quickly and enables swift registration and badge printing. It keeps the registration process moving and eases the bottleneck at the event door.

I love it, and the attendees love it too.

Denise, LegalShield Independent Associate

The only badge printer you will ever need…for reals!

No monthly fees, no ink, self service! The guests at the meetups that I host absolutely love the freaking thing — everyone can connect and get a badge from their phone without lining up or waiting to check in.

The only thing that would make it more awesome is if could some how get power from the printer directly to cut down on one cord, or run the whole thing off of a battery pack for pop up meetups.