Perfect for Event Planners

Affordable system to print professional name badges

  • Simple setup, walk into any environment and be ready to go in minutes
  • Use for corporate and social events (kids really love making their own name badges!)
  • Support multiple groups with customized registration forms and name badge for each
  • Track event attendance
  • Self-service or greeter entered
  • Pre-print badges (optional)
EZ-badge Box
Very easy to use. I use it for multiple clients – everything from small event to large meetups. I can give my clients’ a spreadsheet of who attended.
Theresa, Event planner
Finally, with EZBadge there’s now a quick way to get workshop attendees logged in, assigned a badge and seated before the program begins! Anyone that organizes events will benefit greatly from using the EZ Badge System.
JIll, Event Planner
As an Executive Assistant, EZBadge is a “must have” if you want a badging system that works for you to eliminate crowds and confusion prior to any event. It also provided me with a valuable report of attendance. Using EZBadge is efficient and makes my job less stressful.
Candis, Executive Assistant