This is really amazing – – after arriving at the event, I used my cell phone to log-in and 10 seconds later at the Guest Desk I had my badge waiting for me!
CJ, Attendee
We use EZBadge to register 40-80 people at each meeting. Some use our laptops and tablets, others love to use their own iPhones to register. Handling the rush at the beginning of meetings is much easier than using sign-in sheets and “Hello” badges.

It is simple and quick to set up and operate.

The spread sheet we get at the end of the meeting is great.

Jack Morris, Consultants Network of Silicon Valley
Finally, with EZBadge there’s now a quick way to get workshop attendees logged in, assigned a badge and seated before the program begins! Anyone that organizes events will benefit greatly from using the EZBadge System.

As an Executive Assistant, EZBadge is a “must have” if you want a badging system that works for you to eliminate crowds and confusion prior to any event. It also provided me with a valuable report of attendance. Using EZBadge is efficient and makes my job less stressful.

Candis Lipe, Executive Assistant
Registering a large crowd is quicker, more efficient, and the name badges are so professional-looking.

The EZBadge system captures all the pertinent information quickly and enables swift registration and badge printing. It keeps the registration process moving and eases the bottleneck at the event door.

I love it, and the attendees love it too.

Denise Hankes, LegalShield Independent Associate